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BOKSII is committed to sustainable products and packaging. Learn more about how we try to make our BOKSIIs as friendly to the environment as possible.


BOKSII is about finding the best products for you to treat yourself or your loved ones. What does 'the best' really mean? When we search for featured products we consider whether they use natural ingredients and recycled materials, if they are cruelty free, and if they are local. By prioritizing these products we avoid toxic materials and unnecessary waste.


As far as packaging goes - less is more. BOKSII is committed to making gift boxes that are beautiful without being wasteful. This means we find creative and minimal solutions and you can rest assured that your BOKSII will look amazing inside and out.


Avoiding unnecessary shipping is an easy way to help the environment. We offer local pickups and strongly encourage picking up your BOKSII. Come say Hi! We will meet you for a safe curbside pickup. Also, we offer exclusive local products like flowers and pastries for clients that choose pickup so it really is worth it!


Do you have more creative solutions to increase sustainability? Want to tell us about a new environmentally conscious product we should feature. Let's talk about it! Send us an email at .


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